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Summit FAQ

What is a summit?

"A summit is an event that gathers experts and leaders in the industry to share ideas and have a conversation on a specific topic or issue."

The 2023 NEDSummit is focused on the topic of how individuals and teams use Drupal to meet the requirements and needs of Higher Ed institutions.

Can anyone attend?

Anyone who is involved with using Drupal in the Higher Ed space is welcomed to attend. This summit is ideal for IT, marketing or communication teams from Higher Ed institutions who work with Drupal. As well as, individuals and teams who provide Drupal services and work with Higher Ed institutions.

The keynote is Website Governance, is that the focus of the summit?

While our keynote, by Penny Kronz, is about Web Governance, that is not the full focus of the summit. The summit will span a wide array of topics related to using Drupal in Higher-Ed.  The topics discussed are driven by attendees through roundtable discussions and lightning talks.  In addition to web governance, we expect the following topics to be discussed:

  • Deployment Processes (CI/CD)

  • Upgrading Drupal

  • Teams and leadership

  • QA and Testing

  • Managing bugs, outages and requests

  • Using AI tools

During the course of the summit, attendees will have the opportunity to contribute additional topics to be discussed.


I’ve attended summits that are sales pitches for vendors, is NEDSummit like that?

No. NEDSummit is focused on providing a day focused on discussing topics that are important to attendees and building connections with others in the Drupal Higher Ed spaces.. There are no sales pitches for vendors.


Have more questions?  Contact Mike Miles or Stephen Cross.


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