Michael Miles

Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan

Mike Miles is a highly skilled web engineer with 18+ years of experience in open-source development, proficient in various languages and frameworks.  As the Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan, Mike manages the development, maintenance, and growth of digital properties, leading a team of developers to deliver high-quality solutions for the school's community. Mike's deep technical knowledge and experience drive innovation and advance MIT Sloan's digital presence. He presents talks at technical conferences around the world, is one of the organizers of the New England Drupal Camp (https://nedcamp.org) and lead organizer of the Boston Drupal Meetup Group.

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Using AI as a Development Tool

In this presentation, we will look at the potential of leveraging A.I. as a tool that enhances developers' creativity, streamlines the coding process, and unlock new possibilities. From analyzing code structures and proposing solutions, to inspiring developers to think creatively.

This talk will also touch upon the ethical considerations and limitations associated with leveraging A.I. in code development, emphasizing the importance of human judgment and collaboration throughout the process.

Join this talk, where we explore the potential of using A.I. as a tool for code understanding and problem solving.