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Developer Intermediate Gaige Hall 201

The Drupal API Client Project

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Brian Perry

Funded as part of the Pitchburg Innovation Contest, The Drupal API Client project aims to assemble a group of contributors in order to combine the best of existing Drupal API clients into a set of utilities that can both address common use cases with little configuration, and also be extended to support the needs of a diverse JavaScript ecosystem.

At New England Drupal Camp, we'd like to introduce you to the project, including:

  • Why we believe that this is an important problem to solve for the Drupal community.
  • A tour of past projects that helped pave the way for our work.
  • An overview of the initial scope of the project.
  • A look at our progress thus far.
  • Areas where we need feedback.
  • Details on how you can contribute.

Additional Details:

  • Audience level: Intermediate
  • Topic: Developer
  • Room: Gaige Hall 201


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