2023 Community Sponsors

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Thank you

Dear Community Sponsors,

We extend our heartfelt thanks for supporting the New England Drupal Camp. Your contributions have not only helped this event but have also fostered the growth and sustainability of the Drupal community in our region.

Every contribution has a big impact;  it's a testament to your commitment to open-source values and the spirit of collaboration.   

Thank you for your support.

  • Jacob Rockowitz 
  • Maria Greene
  • Kyle Einecker
  • Antonio Savorelli
  • Giles Birch
  • John Picozzi
  • Nic
  • Matthew Obert
  • Marc Infield
  • Eric Volkernick
  • Bernardo Martinez
  • Maureen Johnson
  • Chris Weber




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Design4Drupal @ NEDCamp

Since its inception in 2009, Design4Drupal (D4D) has emerged as the premier three-day event for professionals passionate about design, user experience (UX), and front-end development for Drupal websites.

NEDCamp 2023 - That's a Wrap!

Many thanks to all of you who made the 10th Annual New England Drupal Camp a success!