Mukul Garg

Program Lead at Axelerant

Mukul, a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in project and portfolio management, brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success in WordPress and Drupal projects. With a strong foundation and certified in Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile methodologies (CSM & CSPO), Mukul is well-equipped to handle diverse projects and deliver exceptional outcomes.
During a fruitful 7-year tenure at Axelerant, Mukul demonstrated a forward-thinking approach, leveraging automation and futuristic strategies to drive support operations in WordPress and Drupal projects. By customizing policies and procedures based on valuable lessons learned, Mukul optimized processes and ensured maximum efficiency.
Recognized for their ability to nurture team growth, Mukul successfully enhanced the skills of colleagues in WordPress and Drupal development and promoted a positive work environment by constructively resolving conflicts. Diligently monitoring assumptions and constraints, Mukul ensured the maintenance of cost and schedule baselines.
With a strong foundation in project management, an agile mindset, and a proven ability to implement innovative strategies in WordPress and Drupal projects, Mukul consistently delivers exceptional results.

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