Chris Amato

Director of Web Development at Knectar

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Taking Stock of the Legacy: How to Leverage the Wisdom of Legacy Websites (and Stakeholders!) in Advance of Redesign.

Embarking on the redesign of large content websites and portals can be a daunting task. Site inventory tools like Screaming Frog and Xenu are a great starting point for analysis, but there is so much more to be gleaned from a deeper dive into the content architecture of legacy websites. This talk will be an exploration of strategies and methodologies designed to address the challenges of content mapping and migration. We’ll look at tools that are specific to Drupal content models, and in particular, contributed modules that are designed to inventory sites that make heavy use of Paragraph-based micro-templates. We’ll also look at redesign and migration strategies for non-Drupal sites or Drupal sites that (lo!) did not utilize a Paragraph site building approach. Lastly, we’ll look at a few migration-related bonus topics including: 

  • Content prioritization strategies based on Analytics and KPI’s (key performance indicators) 
  • Preserving SEO and Accessibility / ADA investments
  • Capturing obscure / hidden functionality