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Developer Beginner Gaige Hall 202

Composable in Action

Chris Greatens

Chris Greatens

It seems like everyone is talking about composable these days, but what is it? Like any new technology trend, there is a lot of noise that surrounds composable. What we need is a way to cut through the noise and understand composable to decide for ourselves if we can benefit from it.

If you’re like me, you learn by doing. To help me understand the basic concepts of composable, I built a small proof-of-concept. And while a fully-functional, enterprise-grade has more moving parts and is more complicated than the proof-of-concept, the proof-of-concept demonstrates the key points of a composable architecture.

In this session, we will define what a composable architecture is and identify approaches to building a composable architecture. In the process, we will discuss key terms, such as packaged business capabilities and orchestration layer. And, all this will be done using my proof-of-concept to help illustrate the concepts. Along the way, we will discuss how Drupal fits into a composable architecture and how Drupal, by itself, can be used in a composable way. 


Anyone attending this session will learn:

  • What a composable architecture is and how it can unlock business value for you
  • Learn how composable architectures work with a live-demo using Drupal and another CMS.
  • What makes Drupal composable and a great fit for a composable architecture

Additional Details:

  • Audience level: Beginner
  • Topic: Developer
  • Room: Gaige Hall 202


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