Virtually Together Again

When: Friday, November 19, 2021, 9:30 - 5:00 EDT

Where: Everywhere.  Zoom.

Cost: Pay what you want.


  • BOFCon Format - Birds of a Feather sessions (or BoFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda.  See schedule.
  • New to Drupal? Getting Started Training in the morning and an open room for newcomer questions in the afternoon.
  • Keynote - "The time is now - Let's get to it!" by Courtney Kelley Bedard.



The time is now - Let's get to it!

The tools you need to get back to building the life you want.

by Courtney Kelley Bedard

Courtney Kelley Bedard
Courtney Kelley Bedard

We could all use some inspiration! What a challenging, exhausting journey this has been for all of us over this past year and a half as we continue to do our best to navigate our way through this pandemic and all of the changes we have had to adjust to.  We often feel divided, depleted, and overwhelmed and it seems to take so much more energy to get through all of the tasks and obligations of the day. It is even easier now to procrastinate, “veg-out” in front of the TV, and further, put off our goals and dreams as we are having a difficult time focusing and giving energy to the personal pursuits to which we aspire. However, despite the abundance of excuses we have access to for putting things off right now, RIGHT NOW may actually be the most ideal time to take action, take our energy back (we so desperately need it!), and figure out a way to finally GO FOR IT and commit to harnessing the inspiration we so clearly need to help us make a plan to accomplish those dreams! Let’s talk about how to put the focus on what we CAN control, stop procrastination, and commit to creating the lives we want and deserve. We will discuss simple but effective ways to better honor our time, find more balance in life and break out of mindless routines. Let me help you to live your most authentic life!

Courtney Kelley Bedard has a varied background in entertainment, acting, and radio as well as life coaching, motivational speaking, and therapy. She loves to inspire others to live more fully, face their fears and go for what they have been dreaming about and make it a reality. Currently, she is working as a licensed mental health counselor as well as an on-air radio personality. You can tune into Courtney daily as she lives of one of her dreams as a morning show host on Cat Country 98.1 in Providence. Also, feel free to check out her inspirational blog posts at and listen to her mental health awareness podcast with co-host Brian Mulhern, Coping on the Couch with Courtney and Brian.


We’re excited to announce that Courtney Kelley Bedard will be the keynote speaker for NEDCamp 2021 speaking about the tools you need to get back to building the life you want! 

Courtney has a background in entertainment, acting, and radio, as well as life coaching, motivational speaking, and therapy. The focus of this talk will be to inspire the NEDCamp attendees to live more fully and face their fears – to go for what they have been dreaming about and make it reality.

The NEDCamp organizing team met to determine the feasibility of having an in-person event this year and came to the conclusion that everyone’s health and safety is our top priority. For that reason, we decided that NEDCamp 2021 will not be in-person.

People having conversations at NEDCamp 2019

Update - the NEDCamp Organizing team has decided to transition this event to a virtual BoFCon, just like last year. Please read our updated announcement.

NEDCamp 2020 is just a few days away, and we can’t wait to see all of your virtual faces.