Getting Started with Drupal 8


Learn the basics of the Drupal CMS in this full day hands-on training session.

We will discuss the following:

- What to consider when choosing Drupal

- What benefits does Drupal provide

- What Drupal 8 provides out of the box

- What's new in Drupal 8 - configuration management, layout builder, media, migration, etc.

This training is geared towards project managers, decision makers, site builders, developers or designers looking to learn the basics about Drupal. .

The training is hands-on so remember to bring a laptop. You will leave with your own demo Drupal 8 site to continue learning with.


We will walk through hands-on exercises to demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Defining your information architecture:

    • Content types

    • Fields

    • Entity References

    • Image Styles

  • Displaying your content

    • View modes

    • Views

    • Blocks

    • Layout Builder

    • Media

  • Administering a Drupal site

    • Users/Permissions

    • Menus

    • Choosing a theme

    • Adding functionality (modules)

    • Reports

  • Additional Drupal 8 Features

    • Migration

    • Workflow (Content moderation)

    • Multilingual 

    • Configuration Management

    • Jason:API



No previous Drupal knowledge required. This training is meant for anyone interested in finding out how Drupal can help their teams provide meaningful digital experiences.

Bring a laptop as this is a hands-on training session.

Training Length
Full Day
Gaige Classroom 304
9:00 - 4:00pm
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