Being an A11y in Drupal


A morning of learning and an afternoon of doing.

Join J. Hogue and Kathy Beck, as we explore landscape of Drupal and Accessibility. We will spend the morning reviewing the history, examples, pitfalls, and common ways to use alternative tools to step into the shoes of differently-abled web users. 

Topics include Color Contrast Ratio (CCR), Page Outline, Forms, Media, Modals, Carousels, and Ajax Requests.

We will have real-world examples, but would love to be able to help you work through some of your current accessibility stumbling blocks. We will also bring a PC laptop running JAWS and NVDA, to be able to experience your website "out load".

1. Inform attendees of Accessibility Standards
2. Provide attendees with the tools to think of Accessibility as part of the build process
3. Help solve attendees real world problems

Nothing is "required".

But it would be beneficial if you brought a local Drupal site or any real world example of projects they are working through.

Training Length
Full Day
Gaige Classroom 102
9:00 - 4:00pm
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Oomph. Inc.
Director of Design & UX

J. Hogue has over 20+ years of visual design experience and 15+ years of experience designing and developing for the web. J. is the Director of Design and User Experience at Oomph, Inc, a digital agency focusing on custom-built open source projects. He leads the UX team in information architecture, responsive wireframing, HTML prototyping, testing, and final design mockups. He loves design systems with an emphasis on typography, SASS programming to CSS, and the inherent accessibility of HTML. 

Specialties: Client communication, identity development, site architecture, fluid typography, CSS3+, HTML5+, SASS, and some PHP with a focus on accessibility.