All training courses are on November 22, 2019 at Rhode Island College. Seating is limited and varies for each training. Full-day training costs $100 and half-day costs $50. Lunch is not included, but available on campus.

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Being an A11y in Drupal

Join J. Hogue and Kathy Beck, as we explore landscape of Drupal and Accessibility. We will spend the morning reviewing the history, examples, pitfalls, and common ways to use alternative tools to step into the shoes of differently-abled web users. Topics include Color Contrast Ratio (CCR), Page Outline, Forms, Media, Modals, Carousels, and Ajax Requests. We will have real-world examples, but would love to be able to help you work through some of your current accessibility stumbling blocks. We will also bring a PC laptop running JAWS and NVDA, to be able to experience your website "out load". FULL Day.

Composer Basics

If you are a Drupal 8 site builder or developer than you probably already know that you should be using Composer to manager your codebase. This workshop is designed for folks who struggle with using Composer, or who are ready to jump in and use it for the first time.  FULL Day.

Getting Started with Drupal 8

Learn the basics of the Drupal CMS in this hands-on training session. This training is meant for anyone interested in finding out how Drupal can help their teams provide meaningful digital experiences. This training is geared towards project managers, site builders and team leads looking to learn about Drupal. FULL Day.

Modern Local Development with Docksal

Tired of using the excuse, "Hey, it worked on my machine!" post-deployment?  Well, it's time to do something about it, but what? Docker has changed the way we do development and helped move away from having local environments that can be tedious to manage for multiple sites and hosts.  Docksal runs on top of Docker and creates development environments faster and more efficiently than trying to maintain your own Dockerfiles  We're going to learn how containerized local development can simulate your production environment so that you have the same versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL, Solr, and all the other things that your hosting provider has so you're sure that when you deploy, your code isn't going to make your production site explode with WSOD errors that will have you putting out fires until the wee hours of the morning. FULL Day.

Object Oriented PHP (OO PHP)

Developers with a basic understanding of PHP and little or no experience with OO principles, who want to gain a solid understanding of OO principles/concepts, how they apply to PHP, and ultimately Drupal 8. We will take students through all the core pillars of OO programming. We will start with general knowledge applicable to all OO environments, then focus on PHP specifics. We'll end with an introduction to some core Drupal concepts and how they relate to the OO foundation we provided during the day. FULL Day.