Modern Workflows for the Modern Developer

Mature web frameworks allow developers to build complex functionality (relatively) easily. Browser support is the best it has ever been. Cloud based development & hosting platforms allows small teams to operate in ways previously only reserved for large projects. Development tooling leveraging Docker makes local development extremely powerful. 

This is all to say that the modern web is a thing of beauty, but it is a complex beauty.

Package management solutions like NPM and Composer are now required. Build steps for JS + CSS compilation are standard in most large development projects. Automatic testing frameworks can be leveraged in many different ways. Add to that Continuous Integration solutions, cloud hosting platforms with external APIs, and configurable containerized local development solutions and there is a LOT going on in modern web development. And of course let's not forget that like a good rug to a room you need a powerful workflow that ties these seemingly disparate pieces all together; creating a bi-directional expresslane from local to live that is heavily run by automation and robots.

This training will break down the needs of the modern developer and talk about the tooling required to meet those needs and create web magic. This training will also showcase a bunch of hands on examples that the attendee can take home with them!

Topics Covered in the first half of the day:

  • Production as an artifact of development and the deployment pipeline
  • How do we go from local to production?
  • Steps in the process
    • Local dev
    • Pushing code
    • Opening up a merge request
    • Running build steps
    • Running automatic testing
    • Spinning up manual QA environments
    • Merging the pull request
    • Deploying to staging or production
  • Overview of Local Dev options
  • Overview of Gitflow services
  • Overview of CI services
  • Overview of QA environment services
  • Overview of automated testing options
  • Overview of hosting platforms
  • Overview of some good combinations of the above
  • Showcasing a modern dev example using Lando/Github/Travis and

Topics Covered in the second half of the day:

  • Setting up a modern dev example using Lando/GIthub/Travis and from scratch
  • Hands on example of adding in some additional automated testing services
    • Code quality review
    • Accessibility testing
    • Performance testing
    • Visual regression testing
  • Workshopping


Mike Pirog - Co-Founder, CTO at Tandem Development Strategy.  Co-Founder Lando.   Co-Founder Kalamuna. 


Friday November, 16 2018.  9am - 4pm.



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