Getting the most of DevShop

DevShop is a "cloud hosting" system for Drupal. DevShop makes it easy to host, develop, test and update drupal sites. It provides a front-end built in Drupal and a back-end built with drush, Symfony, and Ansible.

DevShop deploys your sites using git, and allows you to create unlimited environments for each site. DevShop makes it very easy to deploy any branch or tag to each environment

Code is deployed on push to your git repo automatically. Deploy any branch or tag to any environment. Data (the database and files) can be deployed between environments. Run the built-in hooks whenever code or data is deployed, or write your own.

This workshop will explore all the not-so-obvious features of DevShop:

  1. Automated Behat Testing.

  2. Config import and Export.

  3. Click to Commit.

  4. Download Modules.

  5. Update Drupal

  6. Advanced hooks.yml usage.

  7. DevShop Remote Drush Aliases: Sync from separate production servers.

  8. Create Branches and Tags.

  9. Artifact generation and releases.

If you do not already have a devshop server, DevShop.Support staff will help you get one.

See for more information.

Presented by

Jon Pugh - Founder & President of Think Drop


Friday November, 16 2018.  1pm - 4pm.



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