Drupal 8 Theming Quickstart

Want to learn how to create your own theme in D8? We’ll go through the basics of setting up a new theme, look at how to import CSS and JavaScript (and how to not load or replace core CSS & JS too!), and dig into Twig, the new templating language. We’ll also talk about how core themes are organized in D8 and how they can impact (and help) what you work on.

It will be an intense, hands-on session, at the end of which you will have created your own basic theme, customized what core Drupal supplies and learned how to get the most out of available debugging tools built into Drupal and Twig itself.

Attendees should be prepared with a way to run Drupal locally (i.e. Acquia Dev Desktop, MAMP, or some other local server environment), have a preferred code editor installed, and be comfortable with editing HTML, CSS, and a bit of other code like JS or PHP.

Please note that the theme you will be making will be focused on how to work with theming in Drupal, it will not be a finished theme in and of itself. The goal is to give you the tools to bring your own design into a Drupal theme and understand how to integrate it fully within the Drupal 8 environment.


Jason Pamental - Design strategist, UX leader, technologist, and expert in web typography.


Friday November, 16 2018.  9am - 4pm.



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