Why is Building Components in Drupal so Difficult?

Lots of work in the community is happening around how to best design, define, theme, and author components in Drupal, and seemingly everyone has their open source/contrib solution to make at least one aspect of building a component system easier. The question is why? What problems are all of these solutions looking to overcome? Why is the community not consolidating on a common approach?

In this session, we'll establish the parts of an individual component and what a component system needs to be successful. From there we'll look at various component system architectures and try to identify common pain points to see if there are bigger problems we should be addressing as a community. 

Audience Level
Front end
10:00 - 10:45 AM
Conf Day
New Hampshire (Gaige 202)
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Senior Technical Architect

I have been working with Drupal since 2014. With a focus on eCommerce solutions I've done everything from integrations, theming, module development, to full on project architecture. I am active in the Drupal community and submit modules and patches to fix the issues I run into. I hold Acquia Grand Master certifications for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.