Keynote: Career Contributions: How community can change your life

Why should I participate and contribute to an open source community? How does volunteering my precious time contribute to my personal and professional career path? But, I’m not technical or a digital creative how can I help? Join me, in my career journey from my first Drupal event to being globally recognized as a remote work expert, all because I decided to join the best open source community in the world on

Audience Level
1:15 - 2:15 PM
Conf Day
Gaige Auditorium
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Blend Me, Inc
Chief Operating Officer

Kaleem is the COO of Blend Me, Inc, a remote people operations consultancy that helps startups and small businesses transform into high-functioning remote or hybrid-remote workplaces. He has been featured in Harvard Business Review, and named LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Remote Work. He is passionate about work-life integration and the remote employee experience.