Digital is About People - Even those who work in it!

The digital workplace can be filled with static. Emails, Slack messages, project management systems, notifications, meetings, training opportunities, and that “one more thing” or “last minute need” that throws your plan for the day off. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that our time matters too.

Together we’re going to talk about the value each of us brings as professionals, regardless if you’re been in this a while or not. We’re going to talk about the challenges surrounding things such as focus, balance, and expectation setting. We’ll talk about the most common things I’ve seen and then we’ll open this up for discussion and learn a bit from each other.

It’s like flight attendants always say - we need to put on our airbags first or we’ll pass out before we can help those around us. In a community filled with people pleasers we need to remember to take care of ourselves. Come to the session and learn to breath a bit more.

Audience Level
Being Human
4:30 - 5:15pm
Gaige Classroom 201
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Project Manager

I am a muse. 

People would often read stories as children and see the muses as the artistic beauties that were the daughters of a god, inspiring their marks with magic. Me, I see them as creative strategists whose mission is to empower the people around them.

Connecting with people, digitally or otherwise, means growth, evolution, and ultimately success. Over the years I’ve learned the value of a conversation,  writing, the importance of building rapport and connection, while establishing a common vocabulary. It sounds basic, almost trivial, but those simple lessons are the cornerstone of my approach. Accessibility can be hard to relate to, but being human is not.