The Brass Ring: Config Management That Allows Changes in Production

The Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) has brought Drupal leaps and bounds forward, allowing for site configuration to be managed in version control, inspected, rolled back, and packaged up into Features.

Unfortunately, using this approach means that configuration should always flow in one direction--from dev upwards to production. This precludes content managers of the site from simpler tasks, like rearranging menu items, placing blocks, or editing header text in views. 

In this session, we will describe the system Redfin has built which leverages the Config Auto Export module and some custom code, calling APIs, to automatically open merge requests for configuration that is changed on the live site. In this way, developers can review configuration changes that clients make, merge it in, and everyone stays happy!

Audience Level
2:30 - 3:15pm
Gaige Auditorium
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Redfin Solutions, LLC