Accessibility 102: Slightly Beyond the Development Basics

Accessibility is a challenge that we can all rise to with the right perspective and drive. I’ve been interested and involved in accessibility for 3 years and have much to share to help anyone else understand this unique but important approach.

In this presentation, you will get:

  • A brief overview behind the “who” and “why” of accessibility
  • Information on testing and tooling, both automated and manual
  • Drupal specific modules and gotchas
  • Accessibility examples you can start thinking about and fixing now

This session is appropriate for any beginner to intermediate person working on the web, this can be developers, site builders, themers, and project managers. I might reference basic Drupal functionality and popular contributed modules, but this shouldn’t hinder anyone from joining this presentation.

For Accessibility 101 information, check out this webinar I co-presented with my co-worker J. Hogue

Audience Level
2:30 - 3:15pm
Gaige Classroom 203
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Oomph, Inc.
Senior UX Engineer

Hi everyone, I’m Kathy Beck and I’m a Senior UX Engineer at Oomph, Inc.. I’ve been working in Drupal for over 10 years now! As a UX Engineer, I’m usually site building and theming Drupal 8 projects. For the past couple years, I’ve been digging into all things accessibility.