From User Acceptance Testing to Automated Testing

Development workflows, continuous integration and automated testing are a hot topics, and should be.  As teams rush to implement and improve their DevOps strategies, one thing hasn’t changed, testing is a afterthought.    Effective automated testing begins with effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT).    This session will explore a proven strategy to implement Behat into your development workflow.

Topics covered:

  • What is User Acceptance Testing
  • The positive impact simple UAT has on the development process and team
  • Steps to implement UAT
  • Getting started with Behat
  • Effective use of Behat
  • Tips for using Behat on a Drupal project
Audience Level
11:30am - 12:30pm
Gaige Auditorium
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Stephen co-founded Parallax Information Technology 1996 and has been working with Drupal for ten years and building websites for more than twenty. He is currently working on Drupal projects with the Department of Justice.  He is also the host of Talking Drupal.