Docksal: Shipping your environment with your codebase

Docksal is a Docker-based development environment framework with a focus on PHP application development. It is not specific to Drupal but it was built with Drupal in mind. There are numerous starter projects available through Docksal, including Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, Symfony, and more. It is maintained by FFW.

For any given project that you are working on, project setup should be dead simple. Using Docksal's custom command system, you can create one-line commands that will setup your project without further interaction from the developer. Clone the project, run a command, start developing, it should be and is that simple with Docksal.

In addition to providing a rapid onboarding experience, Docksal makes it trivial to expand your environment as needed. Need Varnish? Need MailHog for local email interception? Both easily added thanks to Docksal leveraging Docker's service-based architecture. A list of services available to Docksal can be found on it's readthedocs page.

Genuine has been happily using Docksal for nearly 1 1/2 years. It is mature, stable, and well supported. We'll review the tenets enabled by Docksal and like-minded frameworks, how to set it up and get started, and how to customize it for the needs of your organization via stacks. Time providing, we will also review Docksal's CI agent and how it can integrate with your CI model.

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4:15pm - 5:15pm
Gaige Classroom 202
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I have been a Drupal developer since late 2011, beginning with Drupal 7. I believe that Drupal 8 is, all things considered, a vastly improved enterprise platform ripe for innovation and contribution.

Areas of interest surrounding Drupal development are DevOps, site building experience, and platform development.