Composer 101

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Composer is a package manager that alleviates the complexity of dependencies in PHP based projects (such as Drupal 8). This session provides an introduction to the core concepts behind package management and Composer.  No previous knowledge of Composer required.

Using practical examples as guidelines attendees will learn the basics of Composer, including:

  • What composer is and the concepts of how it works.

  • How to add composer to a project and packages to a project.

  • Semantic versioning patterns for packages.

  • General Do's and Don'ts when using Composer.

Attendees will leave this session with insights and basic knowledge of Composer. Including knowledge of how it works, the value it provides to projects and how to use it on any (PHP based) project.

Audience Level
10:15am - 11:15am
Gaige Classroom 201
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I am the  Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan and lead the development, maintenance and growth of the digital team and properties for the school. I am also the host of the podcast Developing Up (, where we talk about the non-technical side of being a developer (such as how to work on a team).

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