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Composer 101

Composer is a package manager that alleviates the complexity of dependencies in PHP based projects (such as Drupal 8). This session provides an introduction to the core concepts behind package management and Composer.  No previous knowledge of Composer required.

Drupal 8 Migrations

Drupal Migrate is now in Core, but how do you use it?

How do you transform fields to paragraphs, handle translation, move nodes to terms and vice versa?

What are process plugins, which helper modules should you look at?

The Promises and Pitfalls of Drupal’s Cache System

With version 8, Drupal delivered major improvements in the way content could be cached and expired. For the first time, significant caching is possible for dynamic pages and authenticated users.  However, the caching system can be complex and confusing. Developers can inadvertently negate the advantages of Drupal’s cache systems and, even worse, create security and information disclosure holes. This presentation will provide an overview of Drupal’s cache layers and will cover best practices when theme-ing and customizing Drupal to avoid common errors and to maximize performance.