Common Media, Inc.

Common Media is an award-winning digital services agency headquartered in Hadley, MA. Since our founding in 2007, we have specialized in custom-built, open-source content management and digital repository solutions for universities, foundations, and government agencies. 

We architect, design and build websites that power the engines of our clients’ daily operations, whether that is e-learning, research delivery or content management. We also provide a full suite of dependable long-term managed hosting and maintenance/support services to all of our clients. 

We are craftspeople with a state-of-the-art toolbox headlined by an intimate knowledge of Drupal, Wordpress and modern app-development frameworks. We’re excellent communicators and we place a high priority on delivering outstanding results, on-time and on-budget. By taking the time to understand “why” in addition to “what” we’re building, we ensure that our work meshes with each stakeholder’s daily workflows and strategic plans.