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Come and learn Svelte with Redfin! Svelte is a hot, relatively new JavaScript framework that behaves a little bit differently than some of the others out there like React and Vue. You can come learn why.

The Project Browser contrib module (with a goal of getting into core) is written in Svelte, so there's a chance this could be a path forward for reactivity in Drupal. 

In this class we will explore the fundamental topics of most reactive frameworks, like state and props, and how those things are implemented in Svelte. We will do this by building a functioning Svelte app together as a class.

You are encouraged to help your neighbor and/or work independently or in pairs, as much of this class will be hands on. The format/agenda will loosely be:

  • A brief introduction to fundamental topics
  • Start building the "app!"
    • Demonstrate a concept
    • Watch as it is coded into the app
    • You code it into your version!
    • Repeat¬†ad nauseum!

We hope you'll join us!

By the end of this training you should have a good understanding of building a reactive web app using the Svelte development framework.

Topics include:

* understanding of fundamentals of building Svelte components
* styling components
* nesting
* local state
* props
* display logic (conditionals, and loops)
* external data fetching
* events & modifiers
* lifecycle events
* data stores
* animation

If there's time, we will touch on SvelteKit, the meta-framework from the same developers.

Please bring a modern laptop with good access to WiFi. Development stacks will be handled by a third party web service.

Training Length
Full Day
Full Day (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM)
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