Drupal Development on Linux


Have you ever considered trying Linux but didn’t know how to get started? This training is for you.

Linux is a great operating system for developers, especially Drupal developers. Why?

  • Linux runs fast on both new, and not so new, hardware.
  • Docker, which most developers use, runs natively on Linux, therefor also runs fast.
  • The tools developers need are available on Linux
  • Linux is Open Source. It’s free to use and install on any computer.

In this full day training you will:

  • Learn Linux basics
  • Learn how to install Linux
  • Get hands on experience with the developer focused Linux distribution, Pop!_OS
  • Learn strategies for switching to Linux and integrating Linux into your Mac or Windows environment
  • Setup a Drupal environment
  • Learn about remote development with Linux

You can also bring a computer that you would like to install Linux on and we will give it a try.


  • What is Linux
    • Structure
    • Server and Desktop
    • Distributions
  • Linux for Developers
    • Advantages / Disadvantages
    • Switching or Integrating
  • Installing Linux
    • Test Drive
    • Used or New Hardware
    • Challenges
  • Hands on with Pop! OS
    • What is Pop! OS
    • Exploring
    • Software and App Store
  • Developer Tools
    • Drupal setup with Lando and DDEV
    • VS Code
  • Remote Development with Linux
    • Strategy and tools
    • Local Remote Development
Training Length
Full Day
Full Day (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM)
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Stephen co-founded Parallax Information Technology 1996 and has been working with Drupal for ten years and building websites for more than twenty. He is currently working on Drupal projects with the Department of Justice.  He is also the host of Talking Drupal.