Accessibility Quick Tests

Learn the basics and choose your own adventure!

You don't need to be a subject matter expert to check your work.

In this session we'll take a look at different tools out there  for testing at the site level, the browser level, and manually. We'll also discuss ways to better showcase the "why" behind the results.Come away with tools and methods to either dip your toe in the water or paddle down the river.

Audience Level
11:00 - 11:45 AM
Conf Day
Rhode Island (Gaige 201)
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Sr. Accessibility Program Manager, Marketing

I am a muse. 

People would often read stories as children and see the muses as the artistic beauties that were the daughters of a god, inspiring their marks with magic. Me, I see them as creative strategists whose mission is to empower the people around them.

Connecting with people, digitally or otherwise, means growth, evolution, and ultimately success. Over the years I’ve learned the value of a conversation,  writing, the importance of building rapport and connection, while establishing a common vocabulary. It sounds basic, almost trivial, but those simple lessons are the cornerstone of my approach. Accessibility can be hard to relate to, but being human is not.