Your Drupal Journey

9:00am - 9:45am ET
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This BoF will be a discussion around your journey with Drupal, including how you discovered Drupal and started using it, how you beat the learning curve, how you continue to educate yourself about it, and how it has changed for you over the years.

Discussion questions:

1. When did you first start using Drupal and how did that happen?

2. How did you "beat the learning curve" and how do you continue to educate yourselves today?

3. How has Drupal changed for you since you first started using it and has that been positive or negative?

We will spend roughly 20 minutes on each question. Raise your hand in Zoom if you wish to speak and the moderator will call on you in order. The hand raise will be cleared after each question discussion has ended (e.g. every 20 minutes). Please try to limit your answers to 2-3 minutes to allow roughly 6-10 people to speak on each question.