Remote Work

10:00am - 10:45am ET
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BoF Leaders: 

Zach Weishar, Director of Technology, Adapt Agency
Jesse Day, Deputy Director of Technology, Adapt Agency
Matt O’Bryant, VP, Professional Services, Oomph

Topic Description:

Over the last few months, many teams around the globe have had to operate remotely. At Adapt Agency, the transition to remote work was a smooth one, as our distributed team typically operates remotely. With employees spread across the US from Denver, CO to Boston, MA, and around the globe from Copenhagen, Denmark to Kaunas, Lithuania, managing time zones and video conferencing has always been part of our day-to-day.  

Oomph was also well positioned for a pretty seamless transition. During the past few years, we have slowly migrated from having all of our employees come to an office to a hybrid situation where the majority of our team worked from home most days. However, there were still some challenges that we needed to overcome and navigate to set our team up for success: child care, home schooling, the emotional and mental stress of living in a pandemic, isolation, and even logistical challenges to every day business that we took for granted, just to name a few. But with good communication, more frequent check-ins, and a clearly communicated adjustment in what we expect from our team, we are thriving and smiling!

In this BoF session, members of the team from Adapt and Oomph will discuss strategies for keeping your teams productive and feeling included, no matter where your employees are. 

Starter Thought Questions: 

  • What are some of your favorite tools to manage remote teams? 
  • How does a remote team benefit your customers?
  • What are your strategies for optimizing work across time zones?
  • How do you build personal relationships with remote teams?
  • What are some key considerations when hiring remote developers?
  • How has the hiring process changed without in person interviews?