Drupal event website starter kit

3:00pm - 3:45pm ET
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Drupal event (e.g. DrupalCamp) organizers across the globe build and manage their own event websites, frequently reinventing the wheel when implementing features needed for such events such as:

  • newsletter signup
  • attendee registration
  • sponsor promotion
  • session submission/approval processes
  • attendee lists
  • schedule display and customization
  • social media integration
  • feedback surveys

This BoF is an opportunity for event organizers to share their website woes and best practices and to brainstorm a vision for a shared event website starter kit upon which future event websites could be more efficiently built and maintained.

Discussion questions:

  1. As an event attendee, which conference websites (not necessarily Drupal) have you used that impressed you? What were your most positive and negative experiences?
  2. As a Drupal event organizer, how do you currently build and manage your event websites? How many individuals are involved?
  3. What are the most painful aspects of building and maintaining an event website?
  4. What features would your event need to take advantage of a website starter kit?
  5. In what ways would you or your event be willing to contribute to a website starter kit?