14 Questions with Tim Dickens #MeetNED

Tim Dickens is a font-end developer at Parallax, and a member of the #NEDcamp organizer team. Tim's been instrumental in the development and upkeep of the NEDcamp site and we're thrilled that he's a part of our efforts. 

1. Your favorite module or best experience with the platform?
Semantic Views, Display Suite, Elements, and anything that optimizes HTML output. Long live the HTML purist!

8 Questions with Damien McKennna #meetNED

Damien McKenna

We're so pleased to have Damien McKenna as a New England Drupalcamp advisory member. As a very active #Drupal community member, Damien provides us with valuable insight that will only better our #NEDcamp efforts.

Let us introduce Damien...

1. Favorite module: 

2. What piece of advice would you give to someone just beginning to learn Drupal?
Look into the issue queue of a module/theme you like, see if you can help out a little.

3. Mac or PC? / iOS or Android?
Mac, iOS.

Meet Isovera

Isovera logo

This is our first post to introduce the sponsors that make Drupal happen in New England.  Like their response to this questionnaire, Isovera was early to support the New England Drupal Camp, two years in row.    The five questions we asked: