Save the date: NEDCamp 2020

After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce our plans for New England Drupal Camp 2020. Mark your calendars for Friday, November 6, 2020, and get ready for a NEDCamp like you’ve never seen before.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re going fully virtual this year, but with a twist. Instead of the back-to-back sessions of a typical online conference, we’re trying a new format that we’re calling the BOFCon.

Drupal Roadshow Kickoff

Yesterday, September 18, in Bow, New Hampshire, the first Drupal Roadshow kicked off.  For a half-day,  the NEDCamp organizing team shared their expertise, experience and passion for Drupal.    Three presentations covered the primary topics of Choosing Drupal, Planning a Drupal project and Using Drupal.   A case study helped provide context for the material.  

The Drupal Roadshow was a successful experience for attendees and presenters.    What the attendees had to say:

Focus and Keynote for 2019

"Being human" means to remember that while the digital world is run by robots, it is not built by robots. It is built by people. If we want to build and accomplish great things, we need to keep in mind the human side of the digital world. We need to protect the health, well being, and growth of our teams, our peer, and ourselves.

NEDCamp's focus for 2019 is "Being Human" and will be anchored by a keynote panel with Dori Kelner, J.D. Flynn, and Matt Westagate. Each brings a unique perspective about Being Human in the digital world. 

Session Submission is Open

Session submission will end on September 23, 2019.

Who can submit?  We invite rookies, pros and everyone in between. We will be selecting proposals based on a variety of criteria, not only experience.   Under-represented groups are encouraged to submit. 

First Time Presenters - In 2019, NEDCamp is earmarking four speaking opportunities for first time speakers.   We want new voices and ideas to be heard.  

Is there a deadline for submissions?  Session proposals will be accepted on or before September 23, 2018

Save the date! NEDCamp 2017

Save the date 2017

Our vision to move the New England Drupal Camp throughout the region began in 2016 with the help of New Hampshire Drupal Group.  Our destination was Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester.  SNHU was a great venue and the conference was a success.

We are happy to announce New England Drupal Camp will be held on November 17-18, 2017 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester MA.  Friday (11/17) is our training day and Saturday (11/18) is our conference session day.

NEDCamp is HERE!

Map of SNHU

Schedule - The session schedule and room assignments are available online 

Location - The event registration is at:
Robert Frost Hall
Souther New Hampshire University
2500 North River Road
Manchester NH 03106

Parking - Parking is available at lot 26-C

After Party - There will be an after party starting at 5:30pm on campus at the Dining Center.  Free food and a cash bar.  Please stop by. 

Can I Learn Something At NEDCamp?

Heck ya!   We have an exceptional content lineup for October 1 at the University of Southern New Hampshire.    The complete schedule is available at 

Accessibility - Our focus is on accessibility, yours should be as well.  October 1 is your kickstart to delivering accessible websites; from guidelines to implementation.  Check out these sessions: