What’s in a name…Part II

NED Camp renamed

When we began talks in spring 2014 about the formation of New England Drupalcamp, one of our overarching goals was to unite the regional Drupal communities that populate New England: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Our excitement imbued every decision, including the selection of NEWDcamp as the camp acronym. We embraced the playfulness that we thought was conveyed in the moniker and moved forward with our planning and implementation of what turned out to be a successful camp endeavor.

But as we begin planning for year two, we find ourselves faced with the question of what determines success.

It has come to our attention that our acronym of choice has given pause to some of our community members, and as such, we too have taken a pause to consider what’s best for New England Drupalcamp and the wider Drupal community. While some have found humor in the title, it is very clear that others have not.

During long talks amongst team members, we turned our attention back to our original conference goal: uniting the regional Drupal communities that populate New England.  As a conference based upon revolution and banding together for the greater good, we want our critics, friends, advisors and fellow community members to know that we've listened, and more importantly, heard you. 

Moving forward, we enthusiastically embrace our new camp acronym--NEDcamp--and sincerely hope that others find it as easy to embrace.

NEDcamp…a revelation and a revolution.

Join Us.