Drupal Roadshow Kickoff

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Yesterday, September 18, in Bow, New Hampshire, the first Drupal Roadshow kicked off.  For a half-day,  the NEDCamp organizing team shared their expertise, experience and passion for Drupal.    Three presentations covered the primary topics of Choosing Drupal, Planning a Drupal project and Using Drupal.   A case study helped provide context for the material.  

The Drupal Roadshow was a successful experience for attendees and presenters.    What the attendees had to say:

"I learned more about Drupal than I ever did"

"Very well prepared, super helpful"

"The presentations were very accessible and easy to understand.  The case studies were very helpful in illustrating the presentations.  Thoughtful and well organized."

The mission of NEDCamp is to support the education and adoption of Drupal.   As NEDCamp is a two-day conference once a year, the Roadshow is an opportunity for NEDCamp to fulfill the mission year-round.  More dates and locations will be announced soon.

In the spirit of open-source and the Drupal community, the folks below donated their personal time and talents to create and deliver the Roadshow.   Their hard work is greatly appreciated!

Presentation: Choosing Drupal - Mike Miles, Geniune
Presentation: Planning Drupal - Rick Hood, Common Media
Presentation: Using Drupal - Leslie Glynn, Redfin Solutions
Case Study: Leica System - John Picozzi, Oomph

Mike and JohnRick and Leslie