NEDCamp Update: Sessions and Training

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Sessions (Nov 17) - We had many great sessions submitted and had difficulty narrowing them down to 20.   Thanks to all that took the time to submit a session.   You can review the sessions at

Training (Nov 16)- We have increased the number of training options this year.  We have five full-day training courses for only $100 each.   We have also added half-day product demos for free.    Take advantage of the learning opportunities.  

Sponsorship - This conference is mostly funded through sponsorship.   Please visit our sponsorship page and thank our sponsors when you have an opportunity.  As November quickly approaches, our budget needs more help!   We have sponsorship levels that make it easy for anyone to help; give it serious consideration.   

Friday Dinner (Nov 16) - If you are in town on Friday evening, join us for dinner on the famous Federal Hill at Cassarino's.   $35.00 per person +tax & gratuity per head.   Separate checks.  6PM.  Learn more and sign up