Contrib Sprint at NEDCamp

One of our goals of running NEDCamp is to promote giving back to Open Source Software, specifically our CMS of choice, Drupal.   We are pleased to announce that NEDCamp 2016 will include a contribution sprint.  A contribution sprint, or contrib sprint for short, will give attendees a chance to break the ice on giving back to the community, something we strongly advocate.  Being led by Damien McKenna, one of the Drupal community’s leading contributors, the NEDCamp contrib sprint will focus on finishing off one of Drupal’s most highly used modules - Metatag. We’ll be looking to test a number of fixes & improvements that need some review, and putting together documentation on how to use the module.

All are welcome!

While code sprints are perceived as being “only for developers”, we want to extend an open invitation to anyone. If you can write, we need help with documentation. If you can work with the administrative interface on a Drupal site, we need help manually testing changes. If you can work with the website, we’ll need help triaging the issue queue. If you have a good handle on usability, we’d love to work on usability improvements for the module. If you can code.. you already know what you can help with :-)

Friday plans

The contrib sprint will be held on Friday, the same day as the training. While we’re currently working out logistics, the intention is to start around 9am EST, right when the training begin. We’re also going to coordinate in the #drupal-seo channel on IRC ( as some will be contributing remotely from DrupalCon Dublin. The Drupal Association have made a spreadsheet available where people can indicate their intention to join one of the scheduled sprints (, please add your name to the list under section titled “Metatag (D8 port)” and indicate in the “Notes” column that you’ll be at NEDCamp.

We’ll see you then!